New Dead Island Game Includes Bloody Violence

Dead Island 2 Game

New Dead Island Game Includes Bloody Violence

Unannounced Dead Island game called Dead Island Retro Revenge was evaluated by the Australian government. The game is said to have “online interactivity” and “bloody violence” all over it. As the new game of Dead Island appeared, it left us questioning, where Dead Island 2 disappeared?

We have found some valuable information in ratings page for Dead Island Retro Revenge. First of all, game is expected to be available for multiple platforms (however, it is still unclear which ones these will be). Moreover, the game is being created by Empty Clip Studios which are known for such games as Symphony, Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine and more. However, the official position of Deep Silver is still unknown.

If you wish, you can find Dead Island Retro Revenge rating in Australian Government page.

As we all know, Dead Island 2 was surrounded by various problems recently. The release date of the game was postponed from 2015 into 2016. Moreover, Dead Island 2 cancelled their partnership with developer Yager studios. It is still unknown, which studio will be working on the development of Dead Island 2. Techland producer Tymon Smektala once commented that he would be happy if he could get an opportunity to work on Dead Island 2 again as Techland was the developer of original Dead Island game.

If you like extraordinary gaming experience, Dead Island 2 may be your piece of cake. It has elements of horror and action game. For this reason, it is very complex and can be appreciated by different type of players. If you haven’t tried the upgraded version of Dead Island 2 Game is about time! It can become your new hobby and the best way to spend leisure time. Try it right now!

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